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Brittany Wheeler

Emily Arnold


Kyle Callahan: Principal Architect                                             Brittany Wheeler : Architect                                                        Emily Arnold : Production Specialist


Kyle Callahan & Associates, Architecture is a vibrant architectural design practice based in downtown Boulder, Colorado. We are a small team of design professionals, dedicated to excellence in design and comprehensive service to our clients.  Kyle Callahan has twenty years of professional experience in the realm of architecture, creating exceptional design solutions for diverse project types ranging from custom homes to research facilities to health and fitness centers located in Colorado and throughout the country.  Brittany is a rising star in the field of Architecture, with in depth experience ranging from residential redevelopment to themed entertainment parks.  Emily focuses on contemporary production methods and teaches Revit Applications to members of the design community

Our approach to the practice of design integrates a robust research and discovery phase, during which we strive to learn to the greatest extent possible everything about our clients’ project, from their needs for space, to their vision for the future, and also about the regulatory environment that will effect the project’s ultimate resolution.  Our diligence in this undertaking ensures that we will design to the criteria that our client’s require, and not something that we fabricate.  Further, our design solutions will have a high likelihood of being approved by the regulatory agencies and being accurately estimated for the cost of construction by the owner’s selected bidders.

We maintain a staff that is passionate about design.  We stay current with design and construction trends in our community and elsewhere.  We challenge our clients to enter and actively engage with the design process.  We have a number of unique strengths, and have a substantial history of design experience.  We work with some of the finest consultants and builders in the region.




  • 2975 Valmont Road, Boulder, Colorado


  • 2 Licensed Architects  / 2 Production Specialists

Our Capabilities

  • Traditional hand design and drafting
  • Color rendering
  • Computer drafting and design (Revit, AutoCAD, Sketch-up)
  • Traditional and Computer model building
  • Energy audits / Modeling
  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Environmental / Sustainable Design
  • Land Development Consultation

Types of projects in which we excel

  • Custom Single Family Homes and Additions
  • Hospitality and resort development
  • Retail and Office construction and tenant Finish
  • Historic and Environmental Design
  • Land Planning


Our Approach to Projects

Working with the needs of our customers, we create designs that are visionary and artistic, as well as refined and practical.  With our wealth of ideas and knowledge of the construction climate, materials and techniques, we contribute an immeasurable value to all of our projects – for your enjoyment now, and your value in terms of marketability in the future.

Because each project, site, and team is different based on the unique variables associated with each project, we start each project with a complimentary site visit and interview with the owner and primary decision makers.  In this way, we can gain valuable insights into your specific requirements and the opportunities presented by the site.  We’ll introduce our set of standard and special services so we can tailor our services, and ultimately our fee proposal, to your specific project based on your needs and the services that you would require.  We use this opportunity to learn about your vision for the completed project, and challenge you to envision opportunities presented by the site and your building program.  Equipped with this information, we’ll be able to create a very detailed proposal summarizing your program, our proposed services in support of the project, our proposed fees to complete the project, an anticipated timeline, and a list of additional team members that we may recommend.

Generally, we prefer to communicate frequently by email, text messaging and voice when immediate attention is preferable.  We find electronic messaging is very effective to allow us to contact and coordinate multiple team members simultaneously.  We hold meetings in person when there are large scale graphic ideas to present and discuss, or when we need to assemble a group of team members in one location for real-time sharing of ideas and the developing of design strategies.  At the outset of each project, we identify one key contact in charge of design and coordination, and one client representative. All major decisions and discussions involving significant aspects of the project are channeled through these team members.  Due to relative strengths, these primary contacts may change at the passing of major project milestones (for example, from the design phase to the build phase).

We pride ourselves at maintaining high standards of design and service to our clients. It is our goal to make certain that our clients always have direct access to the responsible team members.  To ensure this, our practice will always be kept small and responsive to you.  Should the circumstances of a particular project require, we would expand our practice to meet the challenges of that project by retaining specialists from the design community as involved members of our team.